BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

A story of Self confidence

Bina Gautam
  • Date of Birth : 2040-8-27 B.S | 1983-12-13 AD
  • Age : 37 years
  • Gender : Female
  • Birth place : Sindhupalchok
  • Father's name : Kedarnath Aryal
  • Mother's name : Chitra kumari Aryal
  • Husband's name : Tika Prasad Gautam

Bina was born on December 13, 1983, in Sindhupalchok district, then Sano Sirubari VDC, to Mr. Kedarnath Aryal and Mrs. Chitra Kumari Aryal, as the third child of seven children. She did not have any formal education. Due to family issues, she began working as a child laborer in a house in Chhawuni, Kathmandu at the age of eight. There, she had to work from early 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. Cleaning the five-storey house, washing dishes, sending the house owner’s children to school and bringing them back, watching her age children going to school, she dreamed of going to school but her dreams never came true. She was not only doing housework, but she was also working in poultry farm, collecting chicken eggs. Sometimes she would sleep while collecting eggs in the farm and wake up when scolded by the owner. On Saturdays, she washed the clothes of her house owner and his family. Looking at her past, she never imagined having the life she now has.

While meeting her friends and family after seven years, she felt like she had a new life and her struggles were over, but her happiness was short-lived when she learned that she was taken back home to marry. She stated that she was shocked to learn that she was about to marry and wished she could flee, but there was nothing she could do.

At the early age of 15, she was married to Mr. Tika Prasad Gautam of then Kubinde VDC, ward no. 6, Sindhupalchok. Bina and her husband were asked to live separately after three months of marriage. They were both young and faced difficulties in meeting their basic needs such as food and shelter. They did not have any plan for their future. Bina’s husband eventually left home in search of work for three years. Bina had to face many difficulties during this period, and she could not always get all the meals, but she never told anyone about the difficult situation she was in, not even her father and mother, due to societal superstitions. Bina was relieved when her husband learned construction work and took out a loan to build their house in 2007. Bina delivered her first child, when was just 18. By the time, when she was just 27 years old, she had five children. This situation also added more responsibilities and challenges for them. She began to involve in other activities in the village. She wanted to join the women’s group established in her village, because the existing group started many years ago, and she could deposit that much money at the time. She learns the process of formation and activation of saving and credit group. When she understood the process, she decided to form a new group in her own community.  She began to explain the importance of the group and to make the other women in her community. When could convince other women the power of unity. As a result, with BBP Pariwar support, she could form Shrijansil Women Savings and Credit Group with 15 members.

The decided to send me to the lead farmer training being conducted in Sindhuli with the support of BBP Pariwar (financial support of world Neighbors) and SIDS Nepal Sindhuli. The training lifted my self-confidence. After participation in the training, I started to relay to the group members, which I learned in the training. I started to practice in my behavior as well. Then I built a plastic pond to collect the wastewater and started cultivating vegetables and tomatoes on the unused land. Despite the fact that I was unable to take good care of the garlic and onions due to the devastating earthquake (2015). I could make Rs. 5,000 from garlic and Rs. 7,000 from tomato. Her confidence has gone up. Vegetable gardening enhanced her self-confidence level and motivated her to do commerce. She has earned 17,000 rupees from tomato farming in three years. She does not use chemical fertilizer and pesticides. She uses vermi-compost and organic pesticides that I make at home. As a result, her farming income, she is able to meet the needs of my children. She plans to expand her income generating activities and become a leading farmer, and she wants to bring a change in the lives of other women members too.

She is grateful to BBP Pariwar, organization for sending her to the lead farmer training, which helped her in developing my self-confidence and change her behaviour.


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