BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

Dream Came True

Laxmi Bishowkarma
  • Date of Birth : 2035-4-18 BS | 1978-8-2 AD
  • Age : 43 years
  • Gender : Female
  • Birth place : Pipal Dada, Sindhupalchok
  • Father's name : Tika Bahadur Bishowkarma
  • Mother's name : Naradevi Bishowkarma
  • Husband's name : Makar Bahadur Bishowkarma

On 2035-4-18 BS, Laxmi B.K. was born as a second child to Mr. Tika Bahadur Bishowkarma and Mrs. Naradevi Bishowkarma at Pipal Dada, Sindhupalchok district. Her birth brought joy to everyone in the family, but the joy was for the short time only because her mother died when she was young. Laxmi did not have the opportunity to attend school because she was too busy caring for her younger siblings, household chores, and cow and goats. She used to work as a child laborer when she was only 11 years old and get 10 rupees per day.

Days passed and as per the traditional practice of the society, she got married at the early age of 13 with Mr. Makar Bahadur Bishowkarma, who lived at Chautara – 6, Kubinde. She had no idea what marriage was and had no idea that she would have to do a lot of other work as well. Just bringing the water used to take around 3/4 hours, sometimes she would fall down then the time and the effort would be wasted. She had to go to the jungle to get grass for her livestock. She would not be able to carry heavy loads. So had to carry small amount grass that time her mother in law used to scold and sometimes beat her. She used to receive not enough food to eat. Because her mother-in-law used to provide her food to eat. When she thinks the situation of those days, she feels that those sceneries were from the bad dreams.

She delivered three children by the age of 24. She never got chance to visit a hospital or clinic for checkup. She did not know the important of checkup. She did not have enough food and adequate rest during deliveries too. She had to start housework within 2-4 days of delivery.  She had to go to work in the farm within 10-12 days of delivery. While she talking about her experiences, she cried time to time. However, she was fully confidence and was eager to learn innovative things for better future.

She explains with glory, “I had no idea what a Group was. What are the advantages of being a part of a group for us? I used to wonder when other women told me they had a group meeting. Slowly, women in my society began to talk about the group, and social mobilizers representing BBP Pariwar began to explain the importance of the group, but I did not have confidence that lower class (Dalit) women like us could be a part of the group and work with other women. On 071-4-1, we formed a group called Srijansil Women Saving Group. At the time, we had no idea that we had to elect the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer. After deliberation, the group members elected me as chairperson, but I could not sleep the entire night worrying that I would not be able to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to me by the members. I was afraid and nervous because I could not even say my name in front of the crowded group, I was afraid of how to speak, what to say about a group in front of an organization’s social mobilizers, but I gradually began to fulfill my responsibilities.

Then we started began to save. However, there was doubt of saved money would be taken by someone. Two of our group members were given the opportunity to join the farmer’s educational tour to Sindhuli. The group decided to send me and another member. We participated the visit with other members of other groups. After hearing the stories other visiting participants, I began to have faith in the organization and social mobilizers. The purpose of the visit was to observe and learn about the activities of groups led by other women like us. Observing activities such as stall improvement, vermi-compost production, vegetable farming, fodder grass cultivation, waste water collection and utilization, I realized that if we have a desire to do something, there is always a way, and I considered implementing what I had learned as well as encouraging the other members in my group. When we returned from our trip, I built a plastic pond to collect the wastewater and went to Chautara to buy vegetable seeds. I began vegetable farming as per the advice of social mobilizer. That year I earned around Rs. 8,000 from selling the vegetables. The following year, I was able to produce and sell chilly, tomatoes, string beans (Bodi), onion, and green leaves and earn Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000. I plan to expand my vegetable farming. People in my caste, in particular, do not cultivate vegetables. However, seeing my work, my relatives began cultivating vegetables.

Nowadays, I do not have to request my husband to provide me money for saving in the group. Instead, I give the money to him that I have earned from vegetables to my husband. I have also planted fodder tress for nutritious grasses and begun livestock husbandry. Now, I can fulfill my desires. There was a time when I could not even eat the liked food or buy the things I wanted. My sisters used to buy the things for me, but now they are happy that I am able to fulfill some of my desires. I have gained confidence in speaking in front of a large crowd, I am able to persuade the members of my group, BBP Pariwar is also supportive, and I am gradually considering registering the group in agriculture and livestock, which I am discussing with the group members.

I heartily thank BBP Pariwar and the social mobilizer of BBP Pariwar for providing the opportunity for women of lower castes like us and women from backward communities, as well as the support provided to help us become self-sufficient.”


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