BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

New Life

Sabitri Giri
  • Date of Birth : Jestha 2026 BS | 1969 May AD
  • Age : 52 years
  • Gender : Female
  • Birth place : Mahadevsthan, Kavre
  • Father's name : Sovit Bharati
  • Mother's name : Kali Bharati
  • Husband's name : Ram Bahadur Giri

There is a saying that “life is a struggle” where we have to face unexpected events and difficulties. This is the story of Sabitri Giri of Kavre Mahadevsthan, who was born in the month of Jestha in 2026 B.S. as the first of four children to Mr. Sovit Bharati and Mrs. Kali Bharati. At that time, due to social tradition, she could not hae of education, she was busy taking care of her small brothers and sisters and doing household works rather than going to school, so she was unable even to write her name.

Time passed, at the early age of 13, she married Mr. Ram Bahadur Giri of age 26, who lived in Mandandeupur-9, Kavre. She had to have household responsibilities at a young age while other kids used to go to school and play. Her husband also spent most of his time outside from their village due to his Army job. She was fully responsible for all household needs. She delivered her first child at the age of 15. Unfortunately, she could not save him for more than ten days. If there would have clinic in the nearby village she could have save the boy. Due to lack of awareness and proper guidance, she had 2 children when she was just 20 years old.

She found that many of the village women were involved in the savings and credit groups. She realized that the group members benefitted a lot. The members are aware of many good things. She also was interest to join a group. She requested the Bachhaladevi Women’s savings and Credit group to let her become a member in their group. She could convince and join the group as a member.

BBBP Pariwar organized reproductive health camp in Kuntabesi clinic with the emphasizing the screening of cervical cancer, which was informed by social mobilizer. In the camp, there was an awareness session on the cervical cancer. However, she did not pay attention because she thought she was fine. She thought she did not have any symptom. She was not ready to visit to the camp. Asked her to visit and had a checkup. She went because she could not refuse the mobilizer’s word and her community friends.

She realized that she was one of the lucky woman who could know her situation on time and save lot of money and time. From the test doctor found her as a positive and suspected case. It was not a third degree case. She went to Banepa for further checkup. Banepa hospital again referred her to Bhaktpur Cancer Hospital, Bhaktpur Cancer Hospital. After 7th day visiting the Cancer Hospital, she received the detail report. It was 2nd stage cancer. Knowing the result, all her family members were shocked because the rumor was that cancer patients could not be treated. She also started to think that she would not be survive. All of her family members started to cry.  The doctor tried to motivate me. They said that the problem was in the initial stage and could be cured. She had to go through five chemotherapies. Her husband was not convinced. He blamed the health personnel for unnecessary suggestion for the checkup. He thought that she did not have any cancer problem. After the treatment, they realized that the checkup gave her new life. If she would not have checked up she would have died by now. Because of with the help, support, and care of BBP Pariwar, she was able to receive a new life. During the treatment, her hair began to fall down. After 4th Chemotherapy she could fully recovered and there was no sign of cancer. She could come back home. Now she is able to carry out the household activities. She is one of the very active member of the group.

She is grateful to BBP Pariwar and the mobilizer for giving her a new life; perhaps she would not be alive if she had not been suggested for a checkup on time. If the treatment had started late, there would be little chance of her survival. All the assets, family efforts could do nothing if the checkup was late.


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