BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change

BBP Pariwar 1994

Program For Positive Change


BBP Pariwar strengthens the capacity of people from underserved and marginalized communities and farmers to create an enabling environment and to empower them with various capacity building trainings and activities to improve their economic and social, educational status, allowing them to become self-sufficient. It focuses on reproductive health, women empowerment, education, community-based natural resource management, and sustainable community development activities. We work with smallholder farmers, tribal communities (Janajati), and the so-called socially excluded (Dalits), with a focus on marginalized women, to address the root causes of social and economic vulnerability, food insecurity, health and environmental issues. Our approaches improve community participation in existing economic, social, educational, health and environmental issues.

  • BBP Pariwar supports farmers and marginalized communities, particularly women, by forming and activating groups to improve their livelihoods. For BBP Pariwar Groups are the entry point for any development activities.
  • Various other development activities such as trainings, workshops, exchange visits, drinking water, formal, non-formal education, agroforestry, environmental programs, health camps, irrigation systems etc., organized in order to improve the participants’ situations, and these approaches multiplied to other people through the participants.
  • BBP Pariwar introduces smallholder farmers to agro-ecological farming system, livestock husbandry (Goats, Swine, Cows and Buffaloes), and facilitates and supports them as they implement ecological farming principles on their farms.
  • BBP Pariwar is a networking organization for local NGOs, facilitating and developing their capacity to expand their activities in strengthening the communities, providing sustainable preventive, promotional and curative health services, education services, community development, and advocacy for improved facilities.


Works with the partner organizations to provide health services for around 20000-24000 peoples in a year especially for women of rural area and is organizing the medical camps for women health issues and also is providing scholarship for the formal agriculture, animal health, ANM (Auxiliary nurse midwife) education with an objective of providing service to the community and to uplift their economic status.
By conducting the health camps for women diseases (like cervix cancer, eyes, teeth, throat, family planning, reproductive health) every year BBP Pariwar is providing the special health service for around 1100 women's in a year.
With the help of BBP Pariwar, farmers are able to produce and use liquid manure, organic pesticides, organic manure, compost manure, vermicompost etc in their field to maximize the production and to avoid the consequences from the use of the chemical fertilizers in the soil and human beings.
Women members of the groups are able to establish mutual proximity in the community and food security through the cultivation of various value added fruits and vegetables, herbs and are generating income through the help of the livestock husbandry like goat, swine, cow and buffalo, stall improvement program with the financial, technical and educational support and guidance of BBP Pariwar and also are participating in the various educational tour in order to be capable of managing them in well manner.



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